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LHB Construction Tools is an e-commerce business based in Erlanger, Kentucky, specializing in heavy-duty, durable, and high-performing hardware products. As we launched this virtual store, we began to supply locally and expanded nationally and internationally. 

Our customer base keeps coming back to us for the affordable and high-quality merchandise we offer. Our diverse catalog has everything you need from simple tools to power tools, equipment, and accessories. No more heading down the local hardware store as LHB Construction Tools is here to bring you everything you need, at unbeatable prices, superb quality, and at the convenience that delivers right at your very doorstep!

Our main goals and values:

 A large variety of products with high-quality

Easy and clear return policy

Fast fulfillment and quick delivery

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Automotive & workshop

Automotive & workshop

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Parallel Lines
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3940 Olympic Blvd Erlanger, KY 41018, USA

Tel: +1 (859) 681-9698

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